Dr. Edgar Rabago

Edgar is a passionate dentist who’s known for his honesty, openness, but mostly for helping you set the roots to a better future, starting with your smile.

He became a dentist after graduating from the Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa (UAS). Taught by worldwide recognized experts, Edgar got his Masters degree in implantology and bone grafting by the Instituto de Tecnologia Avanzada in Monterrey.

He was able to capture lots of theoretical and practical experience, yet he recalls the shared ethics one of the most important aspects of his venture.

Edgar remains an active member of the Asociacion Mexicana de Implantologia Bucal.
He came to Los Algodones, Mexico and found a mentor. Along with him, he started offering courses, seeking to improve others: professionals, their practices, and to give a better future to their patients. His love for teaching brought him to University classrooms, allowing him not only to enhance his own knowledge, but to share it.

One of the things he loves about Grace is the bond he is able to make with patients, as he prepares them for their new journeys.