Our Ceramist, Our Technicians

Not long after we started our career, we found out that surrounding ourselves with the best professionals would make us better, it would reflect on our work, and our patients would notice better results.

We decided to work with really good Drs, who wouldn’t doubt taking a longer road, if it meant a better outcome.

So working with technicians that had that same mentality started to become a rule, a must have.

Because we invest time and effort trying to do a fine detail, and it would really suck if your technician, the one in charge of making that piece of work, would do a careless job, because a lot of the aesthetics is in their hands. These artist, have also shaped us, they have asked us to give them important tools, like more time, pictures, case explanations, treatment plans, even meeting the patient, why not?

And that’s because they want to see their work be worth their nights of work in the lab.

We are blessed to be surrounded with great ceramist in our town, and in the state of Arizona. Yes, it takes more time, yes its slower, but if you think about it, artwork takes time, and we should respect that.

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