Implant Dentistry
Whenever you need a tooth replaced because it was missing or it decayed, this is the place to start. Of course, that is, when there is no other way of saving your tooth.

An implant is a titanium screw. It is placed into the bone of your jaw or maxillary and laid there until you get an abutment and a crown. These two are placed later after some healing has occurred.

How long do you have to wait for it to heal? Are you a candidate for an implant right away? How long will it last?

The honest answer to all these questions is: it depends. Each mouth, teeth and case is different, so to provide a more accurate estimate we’d first need to see your case personally, do some testing (X-rays, CT scan, stone models, photography, etc.) and determine what exactly you’re a candidate for.

Please don’t trust anyone who tells you exactly what it’s gonna be like without further examination.

Through years of practice, we have come to understand that no case is ever the same. Therefore, no treatment is ever exactly the same.

All you must know in this section is that our team is very well trained and experienced with dental implants and are passionate about doing it the right way. Even if that means a few more visits or a little longer time in the chair.

As we all know, for the most part, great things take time.

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