Periodontics takes care of handling gum disease. If you notice your gums usually bleed, your gums are red and swollen, you should get an expert to check your situation, and we have those specialists with us.

Gum disease may show in as gingivitis, which is the initial state. If left untreated, its evolved stage becomes a periodontitis.

A big problem surrounding this is that, since it won’t cause you pain, many people haven’t acknowledged that they are suffering from either of these. That is where your trusted professional comes along.

The exact treatment you’ll need will only be known after the use of x–rays, which will determine if (and how much) your bone has been affected.

What we can guarantee is that plaque and tartar will be removed, and you’ll need to commit to keep removing future tartar after we show you how.

We can’t stress this enough: if you see any signs of something unusual going on, consult a specialist. The sooner, the easier it will be to treat this.

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