Root Canal
A root canal treatment, in simple terms, is a procedure designed to save your natural tooth.

If we notice that you are suffering from an infection or decay, we work on the central nerve of the tooth. Mostly, it is there were the pain comes from.

What we do is: we clean and disinfect the conductors of that tooth, and we may medicate the area, which usually means to continue the work in another appointment before sealing your tooth.

Going through this process should make you feel safe because not only will we look into saving your tooth, but many people go through this on a daily basis. It has become a very common procedure, and it’s easier than what most people believe.

So, if you are going through pain or feel that your teeth might be getting really sensitive, you should ask to get that checked before it gets too bad.

Afterwards, you’ll notice that your chewing has improved, your appearance will still be natural, and your tooth will be better protected. Inside and out.

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